Word And Character Counter online (For all languages)

The Word Counter Online tool was developed to facilitate counting words and characters in text on the web without the need to use third-party applications or install external software.

The tool will display the total number of words in the text as you start typing, automatically counting words and characters without spaces, and showing the count clearly and prominently, indicating the total number of words, characters, and paragraphs.

Word and Character Counter

Character Count : 0
Character Count (excluding spaces) : 0
Word Count : 0
Paragraph Count : 0

Features of the Word Counter Tool in Text

The word counter tool works for both Arabic and English texts, calculating the total word count in paragraphs. It is intended for people who read e-books or create textual content online and want to know the total word count after writing.

Below the box, you will get an overview of the content you are writing or the novels or books you are reading, so you can know the actual page size and the characters and words contained in the texts in both Arabic and English languages.

What is the Difference Between Word Count and Character Count in Text?

To calculate the number of words and characters in the text, you must understand the difference between characters and words. Each word consists of several characters and is, in turn, the basic component of a sentence. That's why we have provided an online tool to calculate the number of words in large texts.

For example, when we write "hello world", the word count is 2, and the character count is 10 (excluding spaces), and together, they form a complex text or sentence.

How to Use the Word Counter Tool in Arabic and English Texts

We want to provide the necessary assistance to writers and readers online, so we have created this web tool that will allow you to count words in Arabic and English text online. All you need is an internet connection.

  1. Copy the sentences or texts and paste them in the box at the top.
  2. The tool will calculate the number of words in the text, the number of characters, and the total number of paragraphs in the pasted texts.
  3. Place more text in the designated area if you want to count a larger number of words in English and Arabic.
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