Tips To Learn SEO From Scratch 2022 + Free Seo Course

Google algorithm, Keywords, SERPs, indexing pages,… If you are passionate about the digital field, you are probably planning to learn SEO from scratch. This acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as web positioning. And today, in such a competitive and digitized world, having an SEO strategy at the business level is key to success in Internet sales.

Tips To Learn Seo From Scratch

What is SEO ?

As we have mentioned, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and consists of a series of techniques and strategies to climb positions, organically, in the results offered by search engines such as Google or Bing. In this way, a web page that is located on the first page is more attractive to users, so it will also increase web traffic and surely increase the conversion rate.

Thus, SEO serves to improve web positioning through technical optimization and the content in it. And if this series of optimizations are made based on Google’s algorithm, it will be easier to climb positions.

What Difference between SEO On Page and SEO Of page ?

You should know that there are different types of SEO. But, broadly and according to the techniques, it is divided into two groups. Thus, we find that there are:

  • SEO On Page: It is the part of SEO that depends on us, whether in the blog, the store or the web in general, and in which we can choose keywords, the structure of the web, work on internal linking, among other aspects.
  • SEO Off Page: It refers to the “external” part of the website and that does not depend on us strictly. For example, external links that come from websites or posts that link to our content or social signals, that is, the number of times that a content or product of ours has been shared on networks.

To climb positions on Google, it is necessary to have a solid strategy that includes both on-page and off-page actions. Of course, the essential thing is to work the Seo On page.

What you should know about search engines ?

Search engines are tools that collect all the information that is available on the Internet, categorize it, sort it and show it to users. But, to find all the contents, search engines use keywords or keywords to identify them.

That is, when a user does a search, Google detects the keywords, examines its database, searches for all the contents related to it and displays them. Of course, the algorithm of each search engine is the one that determines the order when showing the results.
To do this, it takes into account, among many other parameters, the quality and timeliness of the contents, the authority of the page and the number of incoming links to the web (which is worked with link building).

Currently, without a doubt, Google is the most used search engine worldwide. And, if you want to learn SEO, you should know that its operation is based on three phases. Below we explain them to you.


Google’s spiders or crawlers crawl the Internet to analyze the content that is available for each keyword and the like semantically. So, such thefts find a website, follow the links it has and receives from other pages and so on. In this way, Google crawls the entire network.


When Google detects a website and analyzes it, if everything is correct, it passes it to save it in its database, thus giving it the indexing process.

Thanks to this process, the search engine makes a list with all the web pages that respond to a certain search intention, whether it is to be informed, want to buy a product or hire a service, etc. In this way, the use of keywords in web content is key, because they facilitate their indexing.

Show search results:

The last phase of the process is that, every time a user makes a query in Google, it searches its database for all the pages that give an answer and that happens to show them in order of relevance, which is determined by the algorithm.

And it is that the algorithm of a search engine is the key to its operation. Google usually updates it frequently, which becomes a real headache for SEO specialists. Google’s Core Updates mean, in many cases, a series of changes that can significantly affect the positioning of many web pages.

Basic keys to learn how to do SEO from scratch

Starting to enter the world of organic website positioning can be complicated, but learning SEO is not difficult or impossible. Therefore, here we are going to give you some tips so that you begin to familiarize yourself with SEO positioning and you can put them into practice. Notes.

Make content on current topics:

Creating content on a popular or trending topic can be a double-edged sword, since there is a probability that your website or blog will receive many visits but if it is too popular, the difficulty of positioning the content on the first page will be a challenge.

It is best to use some tool, such as Google Trends, to know how popular a keyword is. Look for keywords with an upward trend, without much competition and that have many daily searches (at least 100). The key is balance.

Search and use specific keywords:

When creating content for your website, you must focus and optimize a single keyword. Now, avoid generic words, since they usually have many visits but the difficulty in positioning them is very high. Therefore, it is best to search for specific words and even long tail, that is, keywords that include up to 4. That is, it is better to use the kw “buy women’s sandals in Barcelona” than only “women’s sandals”.

Use keywords in titles and subtitles, but without over-optimizing:

The titles and subtitles of a website (H1,H2,H3…) are one of the usability elements that best facilitate the reading of a post or other content. Therefore, it is essential that you take advantage of them to insert the keyword with which you are working. Also, you should put this and synonyms throughout the content you create. Now, do not overtype the keyword, that is, do not overuse it because Google can penalize you for Spam.

Use friendly URLs:

Avoid long links at all costs. It is best to create friendly urls, that is, they have a maximum of four words, without accents or symbols. Google will find it much easier to understand, as well as for the user.

Use Google Analytics and Search Console:

Google Analytics offers data and statistics about visits, page views and even which countries are the users who visit your website. Thus, this web analytics tool is essential to better understand your users.

On the other hand, Search Console provides information about the searches related to your website, as well as the number of impressions, clicks, positioning of your page and possible errors in it.

Create a simple and logical structure for your website:

The best way to make things easier for Google is to have a website with a logical structure, with a simple and practical menu that includes different categories to classify your content. Also, in the posts, create semantic links with meaning and if you link text (anchor text), try to vary it always and without abusing the keyword, because Google could ingorize or penalize it.

Where to learn SEO from scratch

Now that you know some basic tips in web positioning, you should know that in Udemy you can learn SEO from scratch through the SEO Course that we currently have available.

Learn Advanced SEO From Scratch, Complete SEO Training Course

Where To Learn Seo From Scratch

This Advanced SEO coaching course contains 9+ hours of very In-depth Video walk-through modules with confirmed strategiesnumerous sensible examples / live projects / case research, 35+ sources, 200+ pages SEO Ebook and assignments. A Carefully crafted SEO course covering latest SEO 2018-2019 developmentsstrategies & hands-on SEO suggestions from an experienced & successful entrepreneur.

This advanced SEO course will help you to :

  • Master Strategical and Technical SEO elements
  • Make your web site load in less time.
  • Get listed by engines like google faster
  • Implement one of the best User expertise to your visitors / clients – The future SEO issue. Reduce consumer abandonment price and increase user’s time spent in your web site
  • Learn Keyword Research in SEO – Get focused site visitors to your web siteby using the chosen informative long tail keywords
  • Protect your web site in opposition to Negative SEO – This is your line of defense in opposition to negative SEO assaults
  • Learn every little thing from Positive SEO elements to Negative SEO elementsmaster them and implement in your web site to get high ranking in search engines like google and yahoo.
  • Make your brand name popular and develop your small business / advert income 2X to 100X

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Latest & Advanced SEO Techniques
  • Any Fresher, School or Graduate Student
  • Online Marketers / Digital Marketers
  • Any Working Professional, Businessman or Entrepreneur
  • Webmasters, Bloggers, Content Writers
  • Web designers, Web Developers, Freelancers
  • Anyone who wants to improve his / her / different (e.g. your good friend/shopperweb site‘s rating in search results
  • If you need to save 1000s of $$ with out hiring an SEO company & Learn in-house SEO
  • If you want to build / create / setup SEO friendly WordPress web sites

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